The first person to become attracted by the appearance of this portion of the country was Robinson (Roberson) Morris. He in the spring of 1840 with his wife and children settled on Yellow Creek near the center of Section 2, township 61, Range 19. It was not his intention to make that his future home but as the days and months rolled by he became more and more in love with his surroundings and finally erected him a comfortable home which still stands as a monument to his memory and as a work of his energy. When the county was finally organized, Morris township was named in honor of this early pioneer.

  In the days that followed other settlers gathered around him, among whom were, George Baker and family, Griffin Taylor and George Page and family and many others, and Yellow Creek settlement began to be recognized as one of the prospering communities of the county. The three settlements above enumerated increased in population and expanded in territory until the year 1844, when representative and prescribing the mode for its organization. The census of 1844, showing the requisite number resided within its limits to entitle it to the same.