Family Researchers


Without the magic of internet email, I would almost certainly never have met my (probable) cousin, Richard Riddle.  In October, 1991, Richard contacted me after I responded to a broadcast message to all Prodigy members with the surname Riddle.  I responded to Richard's inquiry, and from there the adventure began. 


Cousin Richard is descended from John Riddle of Stokes County, NC; I am descended from Tyre Riddle of Stokes County, NC; and it is probable that John and Tyre share a common ancestor.   I quickly learned that Richard is a tireless researcher of Riddle family history, had published a book on the subject, and was publishing a quarterly Riddle newsletter.  Richard and I were able to meet personally when he was on a business trip, and we shared our Riddle information.  Within a couple of years I became interested in building an internet web site, and I suggested to Richard that we make our combined family research data available on-line, and also include an on-line version of his news letter.


Richard graciously agreed and by 1995, we had a web site up and running - The Riddles of Stokes County, North Carolina.  A web site can be an amazingly empowering tool, and this one was.  A Riddle researcher would happen on the site, ask a question while contributing new information, which would in turn attract another researcher who would ask a question while contributing new information, and our information database grew steadily.


By 1996 the site had grown beyond my capability to keep up with it, and I was preparing to embark on a personal adventure in Japan, and I feared I would have to take it off the internet. 


At this point Jim Hartung stepped in, volunteering to take over the site, and the problem was solved.  Jim has been the technical advisor for Richard's newsletter for some time, and had also been sharpening his skills as a Webmaster.  He not only took over the Riddle web site, he combined it with other genealogical research projects and improved it beyond recognition.  This outstanding site now has all the data available on the families of John and Randolph -- plus families other than Riddle -- and is truly a wealth of information.  You can get there through this link, http://jimsgenealogy.net/.   Another good source of information on the Stokes County Riddles is Wes Patterson's site at http://wespatterson.com/.  I have borrowed liberally from those web sites in building this one.  Without information from Wes Patterson, I would likely never have known about my Palmer and Dollahite/Dollyhite cousins. 


Since establishing this new web site, I received additional information from a number sources, as well as from information I have found through Ancestry.com and other internet sources.  These sources have been particularly helpful.


Charles Lloyd Cleeton line: Terry Elam


John Stevens Riddle lines: Robert Riddle


Isom Riddle line: Michael C. Rogers and James Scott


All Riddle lines: Rebecca Ward


Alfred Morris line: Ricky Wallace


Elias Palmer line: Susan Balan Schweitzer


Cleeton, Dillinger, Brandon, and Riddle lines: Jo Lynn Neely.