The Owasco Cemetery

Burial Plots

For information concerning assignment of burial plots, contact Janis Collins at this address:

Janis Collins
26899 Hwy V
Milan Mo 63556

                       or Email: at JColl47@aol.com


Cemetery Maintenance

You are invited to contribute towards the expenses of cutting grass and general cleanup at the cemetery.  During the growing season the cemetery is mowed about every 2 weeks at a cost of $150 each mowing.

Checks should be payable to “Owasco Cemetery Fund” and mailed to Janis Collins at this address:

Janis Collins
26899 Hwy V
Milan Mo 63556

For more information, you may contact Janis at JColl47@aol.com



On a visits to the Owasco cemetery in 2009 and 2013, my wife and I photographed the headstones.  Click on names below to see pictures of the actual headstones. 


Baker, Oletha N (wife of William)

Baker, William T

Beck, Margaret (wife of Michael)

Beck, Michael

Beck, Mary

Beck, Stell Cleeton

Brandon, Eden

Brandon, James

Brandon, Martha

Brandon, Mary (wife of George)

Brandon, George

Brandon, Unknown

Brandon, Willie (military headstone)

Branstetter, Doris (wife of Jesse)

Branstetter, Jesse

Branstetter, James

Branstetter, Eva (wife of James)

Brock, Arthur

Brock, Susan (wife of Arthur)

Brock, LW

Cleeton, Allie (wife of Floyd)

Cleeton, Floyd

Cleeton, Noel (son of Allie&Floyd)

Cleeton, Alfred

Cleeton, Nancy (wife of Alfred)

Cleeton, Edgar (son of Nancy&Alfred)

Cleeton, Bethyre Bozarth (wife of James)

Cleeton, Celista (wife of Lester)

Cleeton, Lester

Cleeton, Charles

Cleeton, Edith (wife of Charles)

Cleeton, Charles F

Cleeton, Child

Cleeton, Elizabeth (child)

Cleeton, Phyllis (child)

Cleeton, Ferrell Lloyd (military headstone)

Cleeton, Ferrel Lloyd

Cleeton, Carol (wife of Ferrel)

Cleeton, Infant

Cleeton, James (cemetery founder)

Cleeton, John W (military headstone)

Cleeton, John  W

Cleeton, Dollie (wife of John)

Cleeton, Lloyd

Cleeton, Mary (wife of Lloyd)

Cleeton, Magara

Cleeton, Mary (wife of Moses)

Cleeton, Melvin (military headstone)

Cleeton, Melvin  

Cleeton, Betty (wife of Melvin)

Newcomer, Billie (gdau of Melvin&Betty Cleeton)

Cleeton, Napoleon

Cleeton, Orrin

Cleeton, Verna (wife of Orrin)

Cleeton, Wayland

Cleeton, Grace (wife of Wayland)

Cleeton, Wesley

Collins, James

Creason, Martha (wife of Gilbert)

Dawkins, Benjamin L

Dawkins, Susan E (wife of Benjamin)

Dawkins, Dorothy (dau of Irl & Hazel)

Dawkins, Ruth Mae

Dawkins, Thomas Irl (military headstone)

Devries, Marie & infant son

Dillinger, Bud

Dillinger, Eva (wife of Bud)

Dillinger, Edna (wife of Thomas)

Dillinger, Thomas

Dillinger, Hardin

Dillinger, Mary (wife of Hardin)

Dillinger, Nancy (wife of JJ)

Dillinger, J.J.

Dillinger, Martha (dau of Nancy & JJ)

Dillinger, Sarah

First, Amy (wife of SH)

Fox, Laraetty (dau of MS & Susan)

Guffey, Carrie Belle

Guffey, Elvin? (child-son of A & Carrie)

Guffey, Ned Everette

Guffey, Vaughnie? (child-son of A & Carrie)

Hennen, Francis N

Hennen, John F

Hennen, Evaline S (wife of John)

Hennen, Samuel F

Hennen, Walter F

Hensley, JR

Hensley, Lizzie (wife of JR)

Holloway, Estella E (wife of Luke)

Holloway, Luke G

Huff, Artia M (wife of BA)

Jones, Viola (dau of NJ and SJ)

Jones, James T (son of NJ and SJ)

Jones, Leona (dau of NJ and SJ)

Laughrey, Vada M

Long, Jerry

Long, Etta M (wife of AR)

Michael, Edward D

Michael, Ida E (wife of Edward)

Michael, John Herman (son of ED & IE)

Michael, John  

Michael, Samantha (wife of John)

Mitchell, Doris Leila

Moddrell, Annabel King

Moddrell, Celie

Moddrell, Flora

Moddrell, Glenn G

Moddrell, Infant (son of Wilber & Emma)

Moddrell, John D

Moddrell, Nancy D

Moddrell, Mabel (dau of Wilber&Emma)

Moddrell, Ora M

Moddrell, Naomi J

Moddrell, Wilber W

Moddrell, Emma V

Moddrell, William Harston

Morris, John T (Jackie)

Morris, Dewey

Morris, Emma (wife of Dewey)

Morris, James Richard (military headstone)

Morris, John T

Morris, Myrtle (wife of John)

Morris, Dewey D "Dee"

Morris, Mary R (wife of Dee)

Morris, William Green

Morris, Mary  (wife of Wm Green)

Collins, James F (husband of Janis)

Oliver, Mary Taylor (wife of Lemiel)

Page, John Andrew

Pyatt, Mary Ann (wife of Sam)

Riddle, Alice M (wife of Lee)

Riddle, Lee

Riddle, Bernie F

Riddle, Erman A

Riddle, K Duane (son of Wilma)

Riddle, Ethel Wilma (mother of Duane)

Riddle, Fred D

Riddle, Martha I (wife of Fred)

Riddle, Rosalee (wife of John)

Riddle, John B

Riddle, Otis J (son of Rosalee & John)

Riddle, Solomon A

Riddle, William

Riddle, Mary J (wife of William)

Sevier, John W (military headstone)

Sherwood, George Elmore

Sherwood, Ida Burns (wife of George)

Sherwood, Charles O

Sherwood, Bessie L (wife of Charles)

Sherwood, Orville J

Sherwood, Lillian H (wife of Orville)

Spray, Alfred L

Spray, Pearl (wife of Alfred)

Spray, Alfa

Spray, Eddie Wayne (military headstone)

Stewart, William Thomas 

Straley, Infant (son of ? And Ida)

Stutler, Lemuel H

Stutler, Mabel (dau of Lemuel & Anna)

Stutler, Mollie E (wife of William)

Stutler, ?

Summers, Jane (wife of James)

Summers, Martha A (dau of Mary & AM)

Summers, Mary (wife of AM)

Taylor, Cary C (wife of Griffin)

Taylor, Elmer F

Taylor, Griffin P

Taylor, Isaac (son of GP & CH)

Taylor, Jacob

Taylor, John W

Taylor, Joseph H

Taylor, Martha

Taylor, William L (military headstone)

Ward, Elva (wife of James Carl)

Ward, James Carl

Ward, James Carl (military headstone)

Ward, Henry J

Ward, Amanda C (wife of Henry)

Ward, Nancey E (wife of James M)

Ward, James M